ClickrChart Launches

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ClickrChart is a new Web-based application aimed at identifying the most interesting photographers and their photos in the Flickr world. “ClickrChart extracts the top 100 most popular photos, using the secretinterestingness recipe created by Flickr,” says ClickrChart owner Gianluca Merlo. “The website provides free daily, weekly and monthly charts as well as interviews with the most popular photographers in order to promote a photographic culture and encourage rookies to improve themselves.”
Website: ClickrChart

Photo Stats for iPhone

The first application for making infographics on iPhone has just been released on iTunes App Store. Photo Stats app analyses all photos from your camera roll and creates infographics based on the extracted metadata, visualizing how, when and where you take photos with iPhone.

From today iPhone users can create infographics about their photos thanks to the new app Photo Stats, which has just been released on iTunes App Store by the Swedish mobile development company Dear Future Astronaut.
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After users start the application on their iPhone, it analyzes location and time where the photos from the camera roll were taken as well as other photo properties such as size, exposure, ISO, photo application used etc. Statistical data are then transformed into a cool infographic which can be viewed on the device as well as shared with friends on social networks or via email.

For the first week the app will be available at the promotional price of only $0.99 at iTunes AppStore at the address

About the company
Dear Future Astronaut AB ( is a Swedish creative mobile development company with a mission to develop applications at the intersection of code and creativity, add value to products and simplify for businesses and organizations to reach to their customers by using state-of-the-art mobile technology.

Vimeo adds professional video hosting plan


"For the last five years, Vimeo has been for personal video sharing and we have had a non-commercial policy - we did not allow videos that are intended to sell or promote a product or service," says Blake Whitman, Vimeo's Vice President of Creative Development in an interview ahead of this week's launch. "For years, people have been asking us when we would open our services to businesses, for commercial services. Finally, we've listened and Vimeo Pro is the answer."

Vimeo Pro is priced £123 ($199) per year and offers 50 GB of storage and 250,000 plays. Photographers and videographers that will need to more storage will be able to purchase capacity in 50GB increments for £123 ($199). Additional plays can also be purchased for the same price in increments of 100,000. "Vimeo Pro is an evolution," says Whitman. "Over the last several years, we've realised that video hosting for major businesses is not easy to understand. The way we always approach things is: ‘how can we create a simple, easy and affordable solution for anyone and in this case, now, for businesses?'"
Whitman says that Vimeo Pro is "one of the most affordable offers available for businesses - the businesses that do not have a ton of video needs, but need it in some capacity. There are huge disparities between the free services, which are not really customisable, and the huge enterprise solutions, which are very expensive."
"We're really targeting sole proprietors and small businesses that need video. Right now, we allow small businesses and professional photographers to use Vimeo to promote their work, but not to sell their work," says Whitman. "Anytime that these photographers need video to promote their businesses and their services, they will need to use Vimeo Pro, which has some specific features they will benefit from."
Vimeo Pro will offers no upload limits per week - with Vimeo Plus, users can only upload up to 5GB a week. "We also offer portfolios, which are thematic websites that you can build to show off your video content," says Whitman. "They are completely unbranded pages that you can link to a custom domain name. And soon, there will be a way for developers to create and sell their own templates if they want - similarly to what Tumblr does."
Vimeo Pro also allows users to add their logos to the video player, as well as create basic, unbranded review pages to send to their clients. "These pages are unlisted and they don't appear on Vimeo," says Whitman.
Vimeo currently has 7.5m members.

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