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Book Publishing Network Crowdbooks Marries The Power Of Crowdfunding With A Passionate Community Of Artists And Investors To Create A Revolutionary New Platform For Photo/Art Books.

(May, 2011) When Crowdbooks launches in May, the world will be introduced to a completely new and unique model of publishing. This model will merge talented photographic artists and passionate investors or supporters of the arts with a quality-focused independent publisher. The innovative concept behind Crowdbooks makes it stand out as the first-of-its-kind crowdfunding option that sees an idea through from its inception to publication. 

This new venture gives rise to exciting opportunities for all involved. Crowdbooks will create a passionate community wherein the artists and investors work hand-in-hand to bring a new photo book to life. Crowdfunding, also known as “participative financing,” involves a project which receives financing through a myriad of investors collectively pooling their money to fully fund projects. For would-be investors, the Crowdbooks platform offers them an compelling opportunity to both support the arts and have a hand in the success of a photographic artist and the resulting book. The investors literally become a part of the book.

While the concept of crowdfunding is not unique and has grown in recent years, Crowdbooks offers a completely new element to this established model. Other venues step out once funds are secured, yet Crowdbooks steps in and sees the projects through the final stages of design and distribution. Each project is created with an intense focus on craftsmanship, quality and an eye for detail. Handmade production methods are often employed, insuring each book is itself a work of art. Additionally, Crowdbooks offers the know-how of large publishing firms juxtaposed with the dedication of individual artists and talented teams focused on the success of each project.

Renowned fine art photographer and New York City teacher Amy Stein had this to say about the future of photobooks: “If we want the photobook to evolve I believe we need to bring back collaboration and, more importantly, evolve the definition of a book. Instead of a mass mentality, where the book is reduced to a means to distribute your photographs, we must return to a place where photographers work with other artists and professionals to conceive and produce unique, standalone objects. “ This collaboration and evolved definition of a book is exactly Crowdbooks’ goal as it builds this exciting new platform and community. The artists that seek funding and publication through the platform will receive the comprehensive support of passionate investors and superior publishing practices.


Crowdbooks is the first art/ photo book publishing network to use online crowdsourcing to fund its projects. Through social networks and the online community, Crowdbooks funds and produces unique, limited edition photo-based books that challenge the conventional methods of publishing, as well as the artistic limitations associated with the offline model. Crowdbooks acts as a traditional publishing company, overseeing a project from its design to its distribution. To be part of a book, be part of a crowd!

Nathalie Belayche works as an indepedent curator, photo editor, writer.She is the founder of the photography platform Food For Your Eyes. She has a passion for the photography book medium, convinced this is the best means of expression for photographers/ Prior to joining Crowdbooks as an Editor, Nathalie, collaborated closely with photographers to develop photography book projects and to get their book published. She is also an active member of the online photography book community with contributions to crowdsourced projects such as “The Future of Photobook” or to “the Photobook Club” website. 


Stefano Bianchi, the passionate mastermind behind Crowdbooks, is an established graphic designer and communications consultant. He has worked with companies such as Magnumphotos Agency, Louis Vuitton, Relais & Châteaux, Dior, Fabrica (the Benetton group communications research center) and Diesel Jeans. From his current home base in Paris, France, Stefano acts as CEO of N2o Studio, a creative consulting agency. His passion for photography, quality design and craftsmanship, and an appreciation for the arts, led to the creation of this exciting new platform.


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