Photography contest -Through a lens inspiration or desperation

Here is a great chance to win $2,000 through the 2011 Michael H. Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show.  The topic is “Through a Lens : Inspiration or Desperation”.  You can submit photos of really anything as long as it evokes one of these two emotions.
The judges of this event are as follows:
  1. Scott Atkinson : Landscape photographer and Sierra Club Calendar Editor
  2. Deanne Fitzmaurice : Pulitzer winning photojournalist based in San Francisco
  3. Erika Gentry : Associate Professor of Photography at City College in San Francisco
You can learn more about the judges HERE.
The website does not provide a deadline, but submitting your entry appears very straightforward.  If youhave a photograph that you feel fits this topic well you should give it a shot.  Submit it HERE.
Here is the winner from last year by Jordi Cohen who has a website at  This photograph as well as the others are simply amazing.


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