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News imageLightRocket Media Manager is a new browser-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. LightRocket Media Manager works on any platform and handles many kinds of media files including photos, videos, PDFs and audio files.
OnAsia Launches LightRocket Media Manager Digital Asset Management (DAM) System
Singapore 5th April, 2011—OnAsia has announced the launch of its new browser-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system called LightRocket Media Manager ( 
The software will set a new industry standard, say its creators; blending comprehensive functionality and a contemporary interface with ease-of-use.
LightRocket Media Manager works on any platform and handles many kinds of media files including photos, videos, PDFs and audio files to name just a few.
“The challenge was to unravel the inherent complexities of digital asset management and streamline the digital workflow. Our system offers intuitive solutions that boost efficiency while delivering significant savings,” said OnAsia’s Managing Director, Peter Charlesworth.
As digital media has become integral to modern communications, the volume of files handled by even the smallest organization has grown exponentially.
“Companies need systems like LightRocket Media Manager to organise the intake, usage and distribution of their digital files,” added Charlesworth.
“LightRocket Media Manager is an ideal cloud-based solution for companies with teams in multiple locations. Our standard license allows for an unlimited number of users, so it’s a very cost effective solution.”
Among its many features, LightRocket Media Manager allows for batch editing of metadata fields including the ability to append information to multiple files. It also provides configurable filters for controlling access to sensitive or confidential assets.
Setting itself apart from a number of other systems on the market, LightRocket Media Manager emphasizes easy tracking of downloaded files while recording usage history for each file in the system.
“It’s all about getting an overview of how your media assets are being used,” explains Yvan Cohen, Marketing Director at OnAsia. “With LightRocket Media Manager you you’ll have a more precise understanding of where the value of your archive lies and how to release it.”
A new comer to the Digital Asset Management market, LightRocket Media Manager is expected to attract a great deal of attention among buyers as OnAsia rolls out its product in various markets around the globe.
For More Information about LightRocket Media Manager visit or contact Yvan Cohen at


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