piRAWnha 2 for iPad

News imagepiRAWnha v2.0 offers XMP rating and tagging, full resolution viewing and export for iPad 2, exporting as tiff, vibrance control and ability to open RAWs from other apps
Develop, adjust and perfect raw images with piRAWnha for iPad
SAN FRANCISCO— April 1, 2011 – Cypress Innovations
Cypress Innovations has released piRAWnha v2.0, which introduces a variety of new features to the first app to enable raw processing on the iPad.
New features include:
‐Ratings/Keywords with XMP file support
‐Full‐size export for all raw images available for iPad 2
‐Full‐screen display of thumbnail, original, previous, and current edit in landscape and portrait mode
‐High‐ and full‐resolution preview for iPad 2
‐Custom output file format (export to jpg, tiff, bmp, png, eps, ppm, psd, pdf)
‐Cropping and Rotation
‐Vibrance control
‐Camera‐specific white‐balance settings
‐Current zoom display
‐Additional Sharpening and Image Blurring options
‐Ability to open RAW files from other apps such as Mail, Dropbox and Shuttersnitch
piRAWnha features both raw developing and post‐processing options, including exposure compensation, white balance correction, highlight recovery, denoise operations, gamma correction, saturation‐huebrightness
adjustments, high‐quality contrast adjustments, sharpening and an image histogram that is updated with each edit. piRAWnha supports the use of presets and has the ability to create thumbnails for raw files when not automatically generated by the iPad. piRAWnha works with all raw files supported by Apple (a complete list of cameras is here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3825). Learn more athttp://www.piRAWnha.com
piRAWnha, the first raw image developer for iPad, is a true companion for the serious photographer.
About Cypress Innovations
Cypress Innovations is a creative software development group currently focused on iPhone and iPad apps for photography, fitness and education.
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