Snappix 1.1 for iPhone

News imageSydney based Sinusoid Pty Ltd today announces Snappix 1.1, an update to their popular photographic app for the iOS devices. Snappix allows you to quickly take four shots from the camera in quick succession, put them in the same frame, and quickly email them to friends or send to Facebook, Twitter or without leaving the App. The format can be either 2 x 2, or a 1 x 4 strip and both portrait and landscape shots can be mixed within the one frame.
Sydney, Australia - Sinusoid Pty Ltd today is pleased to announce the release of Snappix 1.1, a new release of their photographic App for the iPhone. With Snappix you can quickly take multiple pictures in the same frame, give them a description, tag with a location, and send them via email to friends or send to facebook or Twitter/ directly without leaving the App. Shared images can include a description and location information.
Snappix is great for parties and social occasions, as well as ideal for scenery snapshots. Picture frame can be either 2 x 2 as in a passport photograph, or in a 1 x 4 strip as in a photo booth strip of pictures. Both portrait and landscape shots can be mixed within the one frame.
To use Snappix, simply touch one of the four live images on the screen where you want the current image to appear in the frame. That image will then freeze. When the last of the 4 live images has been frozen in this way, the App will save this as a single frame. Double tapping an individual image will cancel the freeze on it and continue live capture again. Handy for retaking blurred images without redoing all 4 shots.
Location data can be added automatically. The album view allows you to select and view photos so you can later retrieve them and email them, save to the Photos App, and send directly to Twitter/, or to your facebook account all without leaving the App.
A description can be later added. If location was enabled when the picture was taken, a map can be displayed from within the App showing where it was shot. In the Options view you can set an alternative image format of 1x4 instead of the normal 2x2. You can also set the App to take all images the same, instead of all different.
New Features in Snappix 1.1 include:
* Faster capture of image
* Sending images to via Twitter
* Different display and selection of thumbnails
* Location tagging of images and display on map in without leaving app
* Adding description of picture
* Now using JPEG as image type, not PNG. Existing PNG images will be converted
* Fixed bug where blank images showed on early 3G iPhones
* Fixed bug where some images were too large to send to Facebook - now a suitable size
Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch 4G
* iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 0.8 MB


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