Landscape Photography Magazine Issue #3

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Landscape Photography magazine
Issue 3 is out now.
A great variety of new articles and tutorials are included in this issue. They will be of help not only to intermediate and advanced photographers but also all those who are in those early stages.
We are promoting imagery from landscape photographers worldwide. We are also showcasing some spectacular landscape locations in great detail and map links for all to visit.
No matter if you are using a large format or a compact camera, the magazine welcomes everyone the same way. We are here to help each other improve and make sure that Landscape Photography will be here for ever and remain one of the best and most inspirational genres in photography.
Higger Tor, Creative seascapes, Preparations before a photo shoot, Shooting under available night light, Visiting Corfu, Shutter speed choice, Lightroom tutorial are just some of the subjects we are analising in depth.
A magazine full of inspiration.


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