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New Website Helps You Find the Best Spots to Take Pictures Anywhere in the World
A new website called picaspot.com helps travelers and photographers find the best spots to take pictures. Users post a picture and then share detailed information about the spot where it was taken. They can also vote and rank all postings to help create a list of the top photo spots in the world.
Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 19, 2011
Need ideas to try out that new SLR camera you just bought? Going on a trip and want to find the best street to photograph the locals? How about a new location for your model shoot? Recently launchedhttp://www.picaspot.com can help you find the best spots for all your pictures.
Picaspot.com was created with the purpose of sharing detailed information about the specific spot where a photo was taken so other people can find it easily and be able to create their own great photographs at that location. A very common question people ask in forums is ” Where are the best spots to take pictures in…(fill in the blank)”. Picaspot.com simply puts all the answers to those questions, for any city in the world, in one place.
“The main value offered by our website is information about the exact location where a picture was taken,” said co founder Juan Jose Reyes. Details such as exact location, how to get there, parking, fees, subway stops, things to avoid, the best times to get pictures at that location etc, is what differentiate picaspot.com from other photo websites. Users post a picture of the location along with the information to give users an idea of all the possibilities available to create a great shot. Users can search posted spots either by geographic location (city or place) or by category ( city, landscape, park, beach etc) or keywords (graffiti, street scenes).
“Our intention is to create a free resource where photography enthusiasts of all levels can learn all about a location before they go,” said Reyes, an avid photographer himself. “Many times there is just not enough time to walk around for hours looking for a good photo spot. That’s when picaspot can be useful,” he added. It can be used by the amateur photographer going on a trip or by advanced photographers to find locations that are best for professional photo shoots, such as weddings, model or commercial photography. People can share their favorite street corners, an original angle to photograph a famous landmark or a little known park outside the touristy areas. The purpose is to take great photographs.
The site has GPS maps generated when a file contains those coordinates to help find the location but the main idea is to have users tell about the photo spot as if they were telling all the details to a friend.


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