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News imageDALLAS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Topaz Labs announces the release of Topaz Lens Effects, a creative and new Photoshop plug-in, designed to help professional and amateur photographers quickly and easily achieve a wide range of lens, filter and specialty camera effects – without pricy equipment.
Topaz Lens Effects, which simulates 20 different styles of filters, lenses and specialty cameras, and includes over 150 presets, provides photographers with the flexibility and convenience of adding in-camera enhancements after the shot. With Lens Effects, users can create realistic enhancements for emphasizing focal points, creating bokeh to blur distracting backgrounds, adding vignettes, and balancing color tone - in just a few clicks. Also achievable with Lens Effects is a variety of other popular photography styles such as miniatures, fisheye distortions, motion blur and more – for countless ways to take images to the next level.
“Cameras, lenses and filters are a necessary part of every photographer’s camera bag, and are heavily relied upon to help achieve artistic vision. However, equipment can be expensive, often cumbersome and is limited to use at the time of the shot,” said Ashley Robinson, product manager for Topaz Labs. “Topaz Lens Effects makes it possible to still achieve that perfect shot. Its robust toolset makes it the ideal accessory for any photo enthusiast – allowing them to do more with less.”
“In addition to a novel approach of creating accurate depth maps for the most realistic depth-of-field simulation, Lens also uses brand new architecture that gives us the unparalleled agility to enhance our software’s capabilities and functionality with new ideas and suggestions that we constantly receive from the Topaz user community,” said Jawad Malik, project leader for the new Topaz Lens Effects. “This has been an exciting project for our team and we sincerely hope that our avid and loyal customers will find it equally inspiring.”
Topaz Lens Effects is a plug-in that works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro. It is compatible with Windows XP or later and Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.5 or later. Photographers and graphic designers looking for an easier and more affordable way to achieve lens, camera and filter effects are invited to try out the new Topaz Lens Effects plug-in for free using the 30-day free trial. Topaz Lens Effects retails for $79.99, but is being offered at a special promotional price of $49.99 until June 1, 2011. Lens Effects will also become a part of the Topaz Photoshop Bundle, which offers photographers a complete image enhancement toolbox for all of their post processing needs. The bundle, including Lens Effects retails at $249.99. For more information about Topaz Lens Effects, visit the homepage at


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