Bibble 5.2.2

Bibble 5.2.2 Update Now Available
News imageAdding Support for Canon’s sRAW and mRAW formats, two additional Sony cameras, and Nikon’s D1x
Bibble 5.2.2 is available for download now, and provides broader RAW file support, improved stability, and resolves minor issues found in previous releases of Bibble 5.  Bibble 5.2.2 add support for Canon’s sRAW and mRAW formats, Nikon’s D1x, and Sony’s a290 and a390 cameras.  This update is free for all current Bibble 5 customers.
Bibble 5.2.2 also improves interaction with plugins that change the size of your photo, like zFrame and zShadow.  These plugins allow you to add creative frames and drop shadows to your images - directly within Bibble 5.  Output images will look exactly like the preview in Bibble, ready to publish and share.  You can create Presets with your favorite zFrame and zShadow settings to quickly add your finishing touch to every image in Bibble.
Bibble 5.2.2 is our third free update so far in 2011, and shows our continued commitment to constantly improving Bibble 5, adding not only newer cameras like we did in 5.2.1, but also older, popular cameras, creating one workflow tool for all your digital photography needs.
Availability, Upgrades, and Pricing
Bibble 5.2.2 Pro and Bibble 5.2.2 Lite are available immediately for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers for $199.95 and $99.95, respectively, from Bibble Labs customers who purchased Bibble 4 since September, 2006 are eligible for a free upgrade to Bibble 5. Bibble 5.2.2 is a free upgrade for all current Bibble 5 customers.


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