General Electric plans to release its first Micro Four Thirds-like camera in 2011

US-based General Electric (GE), which recently re-entered the Singapore camera market, seems to have its sights set on entering the Interchangeable Lens Camera (ILC) industry. A spokesperson from its distributor in Singapore told CNET Asia that GE is looking to introduce its first Micro Four Thirds-like camera before the end of 2011. 

While no other details were revealed, it is clear that the company is hoping to be treated more seriously as a camera-maker. And with GE's strategy focused on producing affordable cameras, it will be interesting to see how it will change the ILC industry. For consumers, this may also mean that ILCs will finally hit mainstream prices. 

General Electric (GE), known for its diverse portfolio in energy, transportation and infrastructure, entered the compact camera market in the US and Europe in 2006, followed by China, Hong Kong and Malaysia in 2008. It appeared briefly in Singapore in 2008 but was discontinued after that year.


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