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Landscape Photography is a new online magazine for landscape photographers. The founders of the magazine say they would like to “always keep an open mind” and include “anything that has to do with landscape photography”, but stress that they “will never include images or articles about portrait, sports and such genre photography as then we will become just one more photo mag and this will never happen”. Interested readers are encouraged to visit the website and give feedback to the magazine editors on how the new online magazine could be improved.
Press Release
About Landscape Photography
What is Landscape Photography magazine all about and why did we come up with such project?
Simple really. The idea was nurtured from within the current photography magazines.
Being landscape photographers by nature, we always felt the need for a bespoke and unique magazine that would only speak our language, that of Landscape Photography and of course the absence of such magazine has brought us to this. We are most certain that a lot of you have felt the same way and at some point you wished for such magazine.
Well, here it is.
What kind of material exactly will be included in the magazine? As we all know, landscape photography has many faces, some of them include abstract, close up, urban, creative landscapes and so on.
We would like to include anything that has to do with landscape photography and we will always keep an open mind on this subject. Obviously, we will never include images or articles about portrait, sports and such genre photography as then we will become just one more photo mag and this will never happen.
We will always praise great landscape photographers but will also try to promote imagery from young and new landscapers from all around the world. We will include articles and tutorials that will be of help not only to intermediate and advanced photographers but also all those who are in those early stages.
No matter if you are using a large format or a compact camera, the magazine welcomes everyone the same way. We are here to help each other improve and make sure that
Landscape Photography will be here for ever and remain one of the best and most inspirational genres in photography.
Our aim is to spread the love of landscape photography all around the world and inspire all ages on every corner of this planet. We will include portfolios and images from around the globe and for this we will need your help. It is up to you to submit your images, articles, tutorials or anything that can be of help and inspirational to others.
We will also try to have the magazine as interactive as possible. We will need your feedback and for this, we will always have pages where you can add your opinion about any article, tutorial or the magazine itself.
Obviously these are early days and the magazine/site will improve as time goes by and for this again we will need your help. We would love to hear your views, what you think so far and what you would like to see in the future. We are open to all suggestions and as long as we can provide you with material you want to read, then we will do so.
Help us help you.


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