Photography Stories

News imageO2 Stories is a collaborative photography-based storytelling project and photo competition. O2 has commissioned Alexis Kennedy of Failbetter Games to write two stories, inspired by photos taken by the public. One story is a journey in sunlight, a happy tale of a far off land, while the other is a dark and hard-boiled thriller, set in shadows. Each tale begins with a single picture and from there, it’s up to the audience how the stories twist and turn over the next eleven chapters. To become part of the story, all you have to do is read what has been written so far, take a photo that you think could tell the next part, and then tweet it via twitpic, yfrog, plixi, or twitgoo with the hashtag for the story (either #o2sunlight or #o2shadows). Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, the author will choose a photo that inspires him to write the next chapter for each story. If your picture is chosen, you will win a printed book of the complete story, featuring your photograp


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